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With God's Help We Will Win

"Giving from the Heart" family

No child left hungry!

When children are hungry, and their mothers have no way to provide for them, all they really need is someone to stop and pay attention and for their parents to stop crying, even for just one day (yes, they deserves a smile, too).
Giving from the Heart Association does just that: Every day, we stop and pay attention to those hungry children, ensuring they get plenty of food, with care, love and empathy, operating on your behalf.

Food baskets every month
Annual distribution for families

About the association

In 2020, we (Nachman Ishay and Nahman Peretz) founded the "Giving from the Heart" Association
We are cousins from Ashdod who experienced hunger as children and know firsthand how it feels to go to bed hungry.
We pledged that when we grow up, we will do whatever we can so that no child will go hungry and no one will go through what we went through ourselves.
We worked as salaried employees and set aside a tithe every month for the disadvantaged. We have also purchasing food for four families in need, and brought it to their doorstep, for 4 years.
When COVID hit, we were the corona virus came, we were furloughed and could no longer provide for these families.
It was then t hat we decided to ask for the help of friends and relatives. We posted on Facebook a screenshot of the request we received
and couldn't believe our eyes: Within a few minutes dozens of good people responded, asking how they can help and support the cause; some made financial donation and some donated groceries…
The next morning, we woke up excited and full of joy, and went to the supermarket to shop for groceries.
We filled cartfulls of dry goods, vegetables, meat and dairy products, as well as some treats for the children, so they don't feel different from all the others in their classroom.
Then, we drove up to these families doorsteps, put the bags on their threshold and disappeared.
It was all done as quietly as possible, without embarrassing them, God forbid.

What we do

Every day, we receive dozens of inquiries from families in need, single parents, widows and orphans who struggle to make ends meet and beg for help with food for their households.
To this end, we decided to dedicate hours of volunteering every day, to lend an ear and to whatever we can so that no child will go hungry.

We grocery shop at the supermarket,
buying vegetables, dairy products (including chocolate milk and dairy treats), meat and poultry, dry food, legumes and snacks, and even hygiene products.
Everything is done with care and understanding that food may fill a child's stomach but sweets might fill their hearts and bring them joy. We want the children to be content and happy.
We bring the purchased groceries to their doorstep.

We also tend to our soldiers during wartime, taking treats, foodstuffs and hygiene products all the way to the most confidential and dangerous outposts, just to make them happy.
We make it our mission to support children, be it on birthday celebrations, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs (including the traditional reading of the Torah at synagogue), boys and girls at risk; and we cater for families during the seven days of mourning (Shivah).

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